Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sangeeta Joshi, 38

Sangeeta Joshi had been a paralegal at a DC law firm until they began downsizing their staff in October. Her company's biggest client had been AIG. A first generation Indian American, Joshi fears for her retired parents who relied on their daughter for financial support. Joshi has had little luck in her job hunt, and has begun selling her belongings to make ends meet.

She has recently picked up a part-time contract job, but it's a mixed blessing. Taking this job means making the same amount she did on unemployment.
"Whatever I make at the part-time job, I have to deduct from unemployment. So I may as well not work, but I can't do that! Otherwise I'd go stir crazy and fall into depression." She says. Joshi feels having any kind of job gives her life structure, which is exactly what she needs right now. "I'm not going to say no to work," she says.


  1. Yeah, I've picked up a part time job serving stir fry to help pay the bills. Working is definitely better for the soul!


  2. Picking up a part time job although frustrating is a good positive step! I've picked up a part time job as well as decided to go back to school- Well I'm taking courses online through NEF University (www.nefuniversity.org)--a whole bundle of stimulus job related courses for $25, I mean it can't hurt!

    Goodluck Sangeeta!