Friday, February 27, 2009

Kati Hoke, 24

LinkLaid off from a Richmond, VA based architecture firm last November.

Hoke had been working for her firm for a year and a half when she became a casualty of their downsizing. She wasted no time in taking the opportunity to study for and attain LEED accreditation, which she hopes will give her a competitive edge in the job market. She has been applying to other architecture firms in Richmond, but is starting to consider re-locating cities to find work. In the mean time, Hoke is researching doing mission work in Haiti through her church. She is baby-sitting to make ends meet, and has begun painting again.
"I think I might be [looking for work in other cities], however a lot of my friends I graduated with are also laid off, and they live all over the country and have not been able to find jobs as well. I think it's just the industry everywhere right now..."

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